Monday, March 8, 2010

The Eternal Truth

Some things never change, some truths remain truths how so ever contradictory they may be to the laws of men and masks. I am a Mask and I am integral to the Man and I know that love is one such truth. The love never changes, it may morph itself in to an irreverent form of emotion - jealousy, revenge, hatred but none of that will ever change the true essence of love. Do not let the masks fool you; do not let the masks that the innocent face might wear fool you. The love shall remain yours forever!

Embrace the innocent face and her masks just as you have embraced your own, let her dance to the music that the Mask plays for her. Beneath the farcical glow of jealousy, fear and insecurity lies the deeply serene love for you. The love that lasts forever; the love that will keep you alive and give you hope.

Accept love as the only truth, the only path to your salvation and the hounds of death will not be near you. Hold my hand as you stand on this precipice today, let the balm of hope soothe the sores of your skin and soul back to youth. The Man and the Mask, together forever living in love..for love.


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